Welcome to Womens Yalliewa

Leaving winter behind, dreaming of the warmer waters of Hawaii; we're off into the WA desert in search of the great "Yalleiwa"

Welcome to Mens Yalleiwa

Rusty presents | Spring 2019 Yalleiwa

Leaving winter behind, we are off into the WA desert in search of the great "Yalleiwa"

Pama Davies - Bali HAHA Paris

Bondi's best surfer puts his prowess to a handful of Balinese walls and holes.


City behind, road in front; it’s time to escape. This is Our Kind of road trip.

Lucas Silveira / De Volta

WATCH: Lucas Silveira In De VoltaA well-documented journey to some of the world's heaviest waves. 

Rusty x Curvy

Partnering with Curvy to send a group of inspiring creative women on a once in a lifetime trip to stunning South Pacific island destination, New Caledonia. Here is your chance to come too!

Rusty Warringah Store Manager

We are seeking an experienced Store Manager to lead our team at Warringah Mall. If you have a passion for the surf and salty lifestyle, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Rusty Surfboards - The Blade

In 2014 Rusty Preisendorfer hooked up with Mark “Occy” Occhilupo and did a 100 board reissue of his famous signature “84” model. A year ago Rusty started getting asked to lean out the nose and lose the beak. In addition, he modernized the bottom slightly. The surfers who tried them freaked. Since then Rusty has made them with 4 deep channels. He also decided to give a very modern bottom with a deep single to double concave a shot. Bottom line is that virtually anyone that has tried any of the different bottoms has been psyched and some have also ordered them longer as well.


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