Rusty x Gage Roads | Your chance to win a surfboard worth $1000!

We've teamed up with Gage Roads Brew Co hto bring you joy, hiding miniature surfboards inside stubbies of Single Fin Summer Ale and Pipe Dreams Coastal Lager. With 15 to be found nationally, the mini board unlocks a special prize – a limited edition custom surfboard valued at $1000!

Rusty Preisendorfer's Guide to Volume

We caught up with our founder, Rusty Preisendorfer to chat all things volume and his take when selecting your new surfboard.

Somersault Springsuit - Tried and tested on our Rusty babes.

We caught up with Rusty babes and team riders Sophie Fletcher & Maddy Phillips to see how they have found the new Springsuit.

Rusty Presents: Wade Carmichael ~ MINT~

Wade Carmichael present his first feature edit, MINT. 

Filmed during the great COVID-19 break of 2020. Wade and his Filmer / long time mate, Jesse Little got to work to ‘carpe diem’ the year that the rest of the world has decided to write off. Where’s 2021 anyway?

"The Best Air I've Ever Done": Szekely Launches At New South Korean Surf Park

Jacob Szekely launches off the Wavegarden wave pool in Seoul, South Korea. Watch him claim his best air yet.

Ollie Henry, The Guy Jack Robinson Tried To Bribe For Surf100's Best Wave

Here's a little excerpt Ollie had with our mates over at Stab Magazine the other week after him packing a big cone down at northpoint and blowing up their Surf100 comp, lol.

Rusty Presents: Otis & Remy North

The future looks bright for Rusty with these two brothers leading the charge. Otis and Remy hail from the Yallingup area in Western Australia's south west where they are quickly getting a reputation for charging big barrels and getting super tech on turns and punts.


Jacob Szekely blows everyone's mind when he surfs, this however, is another level of insanity. Watch the world's first every Superman fingerflip at the Waco in Texas.

Wade Carmichael | Covid Swell Throwaways

Wade Carmichael has been stacking clips for a full length which we plan on releasing in a few months.⁠ Here's some stuff that’s not going to make it... If this is what Wade calls throw always then we’re in for a treat later this year…⁠