We've redefined the wetsuit with our Somersault 2mm Long Sleeve Springsuit, the most stylish addition to the market this Summer. Perfect for those warmer summer days, this spring suit combines a flattering high cut midi cut bottom with a sophisticated panelled body design and centre chest zip closure. Made from our unique Ecoprene foam it's lighter, warmer, and has more stretch than others on the market. This design combines salty sophistication with performance and flexibility. 

We caught up with Rusty babes and team riders Sophie Fletcher & Maddy Phillips to see how they have found the new Springsuit.

Q: Does it have enough stretch and manoeuvrability for when you’re surfing?
Sophie: It does for sure, if it were to be more stretchy anywhere it'd be in the high cut seams :) 
Maddy: Because I live on the Sunshine Coast a 2mm is what I would basically surf in most of the year. I really like the long arm bikini cut wetsuits because I am able to surf in it in Summer when it’s a really hot day and I know I am protecting my skin and vice versa when it’s a little colder but not cold enough to throw on the steamer. The material is super stretchy and light which makes it easy to surf in, there’s no extra material or loose stitching anywhere and the front zipper makes it so much easier to get in and out of, especially if the waves are fun and you just want to put on the springy and get out there! 

Maddy Phillips in the Somersault Springsuit.

Q: What do you think of the fit?
Sophie: The fit is so flattering and perfect, hugs body! 
Maddy: I usually go a size down In wetsuits, and the fit for me was actually perfect. I wear a size 6 in this suit. Before I started wearing the Rusty wetsuits I would be very picky on certain brands that I felt wore good on my body. I can easily say the Springsuit fits comfortably and tight in all the right places and accentuates my curves too, which makes me feel confident! Especially with the cheeky cut! 

Q: Are you vibing the colours?
Sophie: Absolutely, I’ve always wanted a blue high cut, chest zip wetsuit..... then bingo, Rusty brings out the suit I’ve been dreaming of wearing forever! 
Maddy: I really like the colour choice on this suit. It’s a strong look with the stitching running along the sides of the torso, makes for a really flattering look. I’m into the basics black and white, I would really dig an all white in this! 
Sophie Fletcher in the Somersault Springsuit.

Q: Eco aspects, what's your thoughts?
Sophie: It just makes it even more exciting to wear! Eco friendly is so important and Rusty combine style and the environment in one! 
Maddy: It’s so cool to see now how many big surf brands are pushing for more eco-friendly products. It makes sense to look after the environment that we all spend so much time in. I love what Rusty are doing with producing eco-friendly performance wetsuits that are made from limestone foam, essentially more durable and environmentally friendly than the old school neoprene. Step in the right direction I say! 

Q: If you could change something, what would it be?
Sophie: Maybe doing the range in some other colours in the future. Maybe like a Pink combo.
Maddy: I think the springy is pretty perfect. The only thing I would say is that a long John in this material and colour would look rad for the ladies! 

Sophie Fletcher - @sophiefletcher_
Maddy Phillips - @maddison.phillips1