Rusty Team Rider Quinny Bruce in Bali Wearing Black Rusty Tee Sitting with Surfboard

South Australia
Current digs/what you're frothing atm
Frothing the Rusty Heritage boardshorts, all we need up here in Sunny QLD
70kg full of steel
Local go-to surf spot
Favourite wave
Froggies aka Mini Ship-Sterns
Favourite wave I haven't been to yet
Super keen to adventure off the beaten path and find it. Somoa maybe?

Post surf go-to meal
Gotta get a little naughty and get a big juicy maggot bag (pie) don't ya?
Slabs or point breaks
Slabs, sorry snapper 

Hacks or punts
Top to bottom hacks all day
Cats or dogs
Love them both but I have to go cats because my cat Winnie Blue is the best

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of? 
5,10 'the What' & 5,11 round tail custom

Out of those, what are you riding the most and why?
5,10 'the What' seems to go in all conditions

Dad, Michael Peterson, Rasta, anyone who gets in the ocean for the love of it and gives it a good nudge
Surprise, surprise
I grew a third nut, ha-ha nah no surprises for me unfortunately, a surf trip would be nice? ;)

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