Meet Arjanna

  Nickname Arj / Arjie DOB 08/08/89 Which makes your star sign a? LEO baby! *flips mane* Any pets? Sticking with the Feline theme,...

Meet Bradee Kean

NicknameNo nickname for me! People just usually call me bradee or braids DOB29/01/99 Which makes your star sign a?Aquarius ♒️ Any pets?no :( Where...


Resurrection World Tour Collection For the carefree Rusty girl, dabbling in the rebellion of youth. Elevated core jersey, oversized fits and block colours calling...

September Spring Swim Lookbook

Michaela wears the Blurred Lines One Piece. Casey wears the Blurred Lines Bikini. Brody wears the Georgie Crop Bikini Top & Cheeky Pant. Casey...

Meet Danielle Turner


I don’t really have one, heaps of people call me Dani but I prefer Danielle!


I was born on the 27th of January 2000.

Which makes your star sign a?

Makes me an Aquarius baby.

Our kind of bikini, is your kind of bikini

#OURKIND of bikini... is a nod to Rusty’s embrace of women everywhere, swimwear that’s inclusive of all ages, sizes, races, and backgrounds. This is a season dedicated to the ladies, those who live and breathe the Rusty way of life - not a celebration of what you wear, but a celebration of who you are, and the individual stories that weave together to form the Rusty foundation.

Meet Dana Lopez


Danita, DLo



Which makes your star sign a?

a sagittarius ;)

Meet Alexandra Baker


Al or AB 



3rd of Nov 96’


Which makes your star sign a?


Meet Melodie Shakespear

Nickname I have a couple of nicknames but the ones I get called the most are Mellie or Melanator. DOB I was born on...