From The Vault, No Thrills For The Cautious

It's International Surfing Day this Saturday, and to celebrate we decided to re release a classic 90's vid from our vault. ⁠We present to you, No thrills for the Cautious... REMASTERED

Our Kind Of Wetsuits

From the brand that has delivered the highest performance surfboards to the top pros for over 30 years brings you the same precision and technical expertise into our new wetsuit range. Our new A Series Ecoprene 3x2 Chest Zip Long Sleeve Wetsuit is light, comfy, strong and unparalleled in warmth while maintaining the highest performance in flexibility. Our Rusty Ecoprene Wetsuit is designed to get out of your way and let you perform to your best in the surf.

Rusty gets the double nomination at the 2020 SIMA awards

How did we go you say?... dive right in a find out inside.

Meet Sophie Fletcher

During a 4 month stint travelling Indonesia, Rusty Ratpack Rider Sophie caught up with videographer Jemma Scott in Canggu to talk surf, Indo and Beng Bengs.


You can help the thousands of Coastcare volunteers across the country who are working to keep our precious coastal and marine environments healthy.⁠ DIVE IN.


The newest addition to the lineup. Shane Felsinger. Power, style, speed.

Surf Horoscopes - LEO

We have a girl that works at Rusty. She’s been to Byron, has heaps of plants in her house and wears nothing but up cycled monks clothing. She is also a clairvoyant and has the best cutback you’ve ever seen. #LEO

Rusty Welcomes - Jacob Szekely

The best way to introduce yourself is to have other people do it for you. Especially credible people who know what they’re talking about. In this case, we’ve got Kerrzy, Damien Hobgood and Taylor Knox

IN THE DM's with Sophie Fletcher

Introducing IN THE DM's, a series in which we slide into the DM's of some of our mates and quizz them on recent trips, surfboards and whats next. This month features our Golden girl from Vico Sophie Fletcher. Enjoy!