Rusty Preisendorfer's Guide to Volume

We caught up with our founder, Rusty Preisendorfer to chat all things volume and his take when selecting your new surfboard.


A collection for angels. There's something about an all-white ensemble that keeps things simple and is an easy way to look fresh all season long.


Summer has finally hit and it couldn’t have come sooner. The Saltwater Summer collection greets the heat with a breath of fresh air, bringing breezy easy-wear silhouettes with some signature Rusty edginess. 

FIRST EVER Rusty Women's Wetsuit!

We are so proud to introduce to you, the first ever Rusty Women’s Wetsuit. The new Somersault 2mm Long Sleeve Spring suit is a wetsuit that has been designed by a team of fashion designers and surfers. 

Summer Road Trip with Rusty Womens!

It has been a long draining Winter, locked in our homes with nowhere to go… borders closed, planes grounded…  we are ready for Summer...

Our New Womens Ambassador: Brody Durkin

Get to know our new women's brand ambassador, Brody Durkin!


The Indie Muse collection boasts a throwback  for the Rusty girl with a beachy vibe. Spicy desert florals and animal prints take centre stage in this seasons must have silhouettes.

"The Best Air I've Ever Done": Szekely Launches At New South Korean Surf Park

Jacob Szekely launches off the Wavegarden wave pool in Seoul, South Korea. Watch him claim his best air yet.

The BEFORE CROWDS 90's Collection Sneak Peak

A small, carefully selected collection of pieces from our archives. Screen printed on washed out tees with boardshort styles straight from the Momentum generation era (don't worry, we fixed the length).⁠