Planet Friendly

Here at Rusty we are trying to do our part to leave a smaller environmental footprint on our world and in doing so we are developing our ranges to be more planet friendly. Wherever possible we are incorporating sustainable fibres, whilst also ensuring we stay true to our premium quality.

Covid Catch ups With Kyla Whitfield

Time to check in with our favorite goofy footed team rider from Narrabeen, Kyla Whitfield. Kyla is a new recruit to the Ratpack program and before all this Covid stuff went down she was set for an absolute cracking year.

Sophie Fletcher - Instagram Takeover

After her recent Rusty Women's takeover, we sat down with Sophie to ask her a few questions about surf, isolation and the future. Read...

Laura Dewit and OUR KIND of Highrise Jean

The ultimate throwback jean that you will want to be wearing on repeat. The High Rise Straight are a vintage cut with a slim silhouette to keep the classic 80's inspire fit and feel.

D.Y. WHY?! - How to crop your pants with Letty Mortensen

Always tripping on your pants, or on having to roll your cuff on your pants after every time you wash them? (if you wash them)

Jacob Szekely in “Zeke Stories”

After watching this edit, it's going to become clear that Jacob Szekely is a late-nineties, or perhaps early 2000's pro surfer at heart.

Brad Flora // Mass Hysteria

At the start of the year, we welcomed Maryland native, Brad Flora to the R Dot family.  After being sidelined for a good chunk of time with a hip reconstruction surgery, Brad jumped on the first flight to Central America and spent a few weeks documenting his first few surfs back after injury.

Ollie Henry // The Stab Interview

The legends at Stab were nice enough to get on the phone with our mate Ollie on Easter Sunday for a quick catch up re iso and his new clip that dropped the same day, Shelf Isolation.

Go'n, Get it!

Cure Your Boredom

Turn off the TV and head to our instagram account this Saturday at 10am EST to ask Wade Carmichael anything.