Nickname Gyps or Gyppa :) 

DOB 08/07/1993

Which makes your star sign Cancer - Water baby :)

Any pets? Nope, travel too much hehe

Where did you grow up and where is your current home in the world right now? I grew up in a small town in the South West of Western Australia. My current home is Exmouth during the winter, such a beautiful town on the coast surrounded by the Ningaloo Reef. Then I head to Yallingup / Margaret River or I move to an Island for the summer :) Follow that sun baby!

So, what does a day in the life look like? Tell us everything from wake up to sundown… Hmm everyday is quite different as i work for myself. I grew up in the Marine Industry so the past couple of years I have been working on the boats as a snorkel guide and photographer and some days I still work out on the reef. But now I run Womens Surf & Yoga Retreats with my beautiful friend Rina.
AM: As soon as I wake up I like to move my body. If the surf is pumping I'll usually surf, if not I'll go to the gym, walk or practice yoga.
Then have a wholesome breakfast either a smoothie or eggs and enjoy it outside in the sunshine.
Then it's time to open up the laptop & work :). This involves everything like organising any upcoming retreats, emails, getting our stock ready for the markets, updating websites and expanding in all ways possible.
Lunch: Rina & I usually find all the veggies we can and make a rainbow in a bowl with ALL the yummy lathered with all the sauces we can make or find haha!
In the arvos I like to get out and get fresh air again, either go for a walk, surf or go to the beach.
Dinner: I live in a shared house with girlfriends, so a girls dinner is always a good way to end the day :)
Then read my book while i lay in bed & put my phone on the moon 🌙 (do not disturb hehe)

What’s one thing you do for self-love and self-care? For my self care, going off grid for time alone is most important to me. Either camping without reception or just going to the beach with no devices. Just my book & journal to write :) 

Favourite quote or mantra? Trust in the universe, Be optimistic and live your life to the highest potential.

Who and what inspires you? My Friends, I have the most amazing independent strong women and men around me, They all inspire me every day to grow, educate myself and give back to those around me.

What’s on top of your bucket list? Ooo i need to update my list as i have ticked off a few, but i would say to live in another country long enough to learn the language fluently. Spanish!

What would you say your everyday go to style is? hehe my friends can vouch for this, but it is bikinis and an oversize shirt! Sometimes i put pants on haha but living in a coastal town you can get away with wearing bikinis and shorts or bikinis and a shirt all the time haha!

What Rusty pieces are you vibing right now?I think some denim flare jeans and a cord jacket! Vibe!

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