Rusty women’s model takes Japan wearing Rusty’s new AFTR collection for night out outfits, featuring trendy red halter neck top tapered jeans

A collection for, After... Like after, now. After.

The AFTR collection pays homage to the early 2000s and late 90's. Classic silhouettes, shapes and fits. Refreshed for today, where beachside sportwear meets city streetwear for the coastal youth. After the beach and onto the pub. After the pre-drinks, into the club. After is for nights out, or in with friends

This collection features everything from night out dresses to y2k jeans and baggy denim shorts, ensuring you’re ready for any occasion. Whether you’re hitting the clubs or enjoying a laid-back weekend with friends, our AFTR collection has you covered with chic and trendy outfits.

Rusty Australia models take Japan wearing new AFTR’s collection featuring men taper denim and white lines knit and womens black ruched top and pleated mini skirt

Y2K Disco Dresses

Dive into the world of Y2K dresses for discos with our AFTR collection. These dresses are designed to make a statement, featuring trending silhouettes and bold colours and trims. From all over lace dresses to rouched one shoulder dresses and mini smock dresses, there’s something for everyone.

Pair these dresses with chunky boots, y2k makeup and accessories for a look that screams retro glam. Our AFTR dresses are versatile, allowing you to transition seamlessly from after the pre-drinks and into the club, or even sophisticated Sundays.

Rusty women’s model wears all over lace long sleeve mini dress, chunky black boots and y2k makeup in Japan

Midnight Denim Daydreams

Denim is making a big comeback, and our AFTR collection is leading the way with stylish options like women’s baggy denim jeans and vintage-styled denim jackets. Inspired by the Y2K era, these denim pieces blend nostalgia with modern trends.

The AFTR collection also includes taper jeans, offering a comfortable yet fashionable choice for everyday wear. These jeans are versatile and can be styled in numerous ways, from casual daywear to sophisticated night out outfits. Denim jackets in the collection add an extra layer of style, perfect for those cooler nights out.

Rusty Australia woman wears tapered jeans on night out in party clothes and party outfit

Return of Ruching

The AFTR collection brings back the beloved trend of ruching for your night out outfits. Ruching adds texture and depth to dresses and tops, making them perfect for a night on the town.

Whether it’s a ruched mini dress or a one shoulder top, these pieces hug your curves in all the right places, enhancing your silhouette. Pair these outfits with bold Y2k makeup, like frosted eyeshadows and glossy lips, to complete your look.

Rusty Australia woman wears tapered jeans on night out in party clothes and party outfit

Prepare for Y2K return

The AFTR collection is all about bringing the best of Y2K fashion into 2024 with womens outfits. With a focus on slim tapered jeans, baggy denim shorts and night out dresses, this collection offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the perfect night-out outfit or a chic weekend ensemble, Rusty’s AFTR collection has you covered. Embrace the nostalgia of the early 2000s while staying on-trend with AFTR. Be the first to know when our AFTR collection arrives online.