AFTR By Rusty - Mens & Women’s Turn Of The Century Y2K Fashion

AFTR is Rusty’s newest initiative. Bringing the fun and vibrancy of Y2K fashion back into focus, this limited release has it all. From men's baggy denims to women's night dresses and going out skirts. This range features a Y2K aesthetic without end and dares you to be bold. Become one of the limited few bringing the past back to life.

Prepare For Y2K Return

Y2K Fashion - Ready When You Are

Join Rusty as we embark on this journey by allowing AFTR to promote daring fashion. This edition of outfits from AFTR is fully kitted out in Y2K shirts, Y2K Jeans, Y2K Hoodies, and the entire Y2K ensemble, ready to go at your fingertips. These going out skirts, night out dresses and general women's outfits when coupled with men's tapered jeans & everything in between will enhance your style & appeal. With the demand for core styles from our childhoods and early adult years what more can you ask for?