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From the brand that has delivered the highest performance surfboards to the top pros for over 30 years brings you the same precision and technical expertise into our new wetsuit range. Our new wetsuits are light, comfy, strong and unparalleled in warmth while maintaining the highest performance in flexibility.

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Our Rusty Ecoprene Wetsuit is designed to get out of your way and let you perform to your best in the surf.We wanted to design the best performing wetsuit that's also the best performing for the environment. At Rusty we were sick of seeing the big players in wetsuit production continually using harmful petrol chemical-based neoprene in their ranges just to cut costs. We developed our ECOPRENE foam, made from 100% limestone-based foam providing the lightest, comfiest and strongest foam on the market. We didn't stop there with our search for the eco-friendly / performance wetsuit. The entire suit is constructed from eco-friendly yarns and jersey as well as water-based glues and laminates.

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