Nickname Yaya

DOB 14/08/2010

Born Born into water at home in Margaret River

Current digs Gnarabup

Height 158cm

Weight 45kgs

Local go-to surf spot? Grunters

Favourite wave? Lefties and Tombstones

Favourite wave I haven't been to yet? Snapper/Anywhere in Bali or the Ments

Post surf go-to meal? Smoothies

Hacks or punts? I like hacks but I want to learn punts too!

Lefts or Rights? Lefts.

Cats or dogs? Dogs

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of? 5'3 171/2 2

Inspirations? Tatiana western-web and Tyler Wright

Surprise, Surprise? I got barrelled out main break at 10 years old with my older brother in the channel claiming it. My dad was out the back and he could see it too. My mum was filming with my little sister in the car park. It just felt amazing to have everyone there.

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