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We are about to go over everything jorts, talking about style, fits and even the history of jorts. Forget everything you thought you knew about jorts and listen (or read) closely, because there’s a lot to cover. If you’re not hanging around, check out our men’s jorts and women’s jorts here.

Man wearing Rusty Australia Flip Daddy Draggin jort in black with space background

Jorts Meaning

So what are jorts? Let’s start off by stating the obvious, the term jorts is a shortened down word for ‘jean-shorts’. And even though it’s not in the dictionary, it’s probably been the most prominent word going around the fashion scene over the last year. Now this is often said about clothes, but when we say jorts come in all shapes and sizes, we can’t emphasise this enough. Some jorts are bordering on jean territory with some extraordinary length.

The classic jorts fit for your average jorts wearer, is a clean hemmed, 21-22 inch short. The current trend for jorts is that they’re long and baggy. To have them sitting below the knee is a must. That goes for both girls and guys. The old style of a slim fit, frayed hem jort, that sits above the knee is well and truly OUT, and hopefully never returns. 

Woman wearing Rusty Australia Flip Mommy jorts and matching denim vest in dirty dawg blue

A Brief History Of Jorts

If you’ve recently found yourself wondering, what the heck are jorts and why is every man, woman and dog wearing them? The answer is simple (sort of). Jorts have come roaring back out of the Y2k fashion scene, along with many other trends we have seen amongst the whole 90’s / 2000’s resurgence. Is that it? No. Versatility, Comfort and Style. They are the ultimate package.  

Man wearing Rusty Australia Flip Daddy jorts in middy blue and white tee in surfboard factory

Creating The Perfect Jorts Outfit

The beautiful thing about the jorts trend is that they are equally popular across both men’s and women’s fashion. One of the most versatile garments for summer, but also a style fit for a cool winter's day. Style them with quite literally anything. Rusty’s iconic style of jorts across men’s and women’s are called ‘Flip Daddy’s’ and ‘Flip Mommy’s’, respectively. These are a 22-inch baggy fit taped jort that come in a handful of different colourways. Check out our men’s jorts and women’s jorts here.

Man wearing Rusty Australia Flip Daddy jorts in middy blue with the Datsun check shirt sitting on a golf buggy

How To Style Jorts For Men

If you’re wondering how to style men’s jorts, a common way guys like to style their jorts is with a nice simple oversized tee, but also goes well with a nice standard fit tee - each to their own really. Jorts also pair well with a casual button-up shirt or if it’s a cooler day, try a crew neck or hoodie. On the lower half, whether you’re a sneaker freak or just a one shoe kinda guy, anything on the scale from skate shoes to dad sneakers will work a treat. For the artsy folk, rock em with some docs or even a pair of loafers. Anything goes really, that’s the beauty of them, they go with anything and everything. 

 How To Style Jorts For Women

Now for the girls, let’s talk fits. How to wear jorts? Women’s jorts look great with basically any top in your wardrobe. When we talk about women’s jorts as a current trend, we refer to the 90’s low rise style. Now, this is not to say that high rise is out, but the longer, baggier low rise jorts are what everyone is frothing right now. You could say the whole 90’s reflux of skater girl, punk influenced fashion is playing a role in the jorts girls are wearing. 

Our recommendation for tops would have to be baby tees or tank tops, either graphic or plain. The great thing about this fit is that it doubles as both a going out fit and a casual hang out fit. Any form of sneakers works well if you’re jorting it up, skate shoes on girls have become popular, particularly a certain triple stripe black and white shoe, but we won’t name names. Sandals and crocs on the fit go off as well. To top it off (headwear), if you’re feeling festive then chuck on some shades, if it’s a beach day then wear your favourite dad cap, and maybe keep the sunnies on. 

Woman wearing Rusty Australia Long Mommy jorts in black with a black triangle bikini top



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