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Girls, the warmer weather is upon us. Spring is in sight and we’re itching to get the bikinis out, assuming you haven’t been in Europe all summer. Thanks to TikTok and its ever-changing trends, it’s WAY harder to know what’s hot and what’s even out there! Finding a bikini has never been more daunting than now. What types of bikinis will look good on me? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place, we gotchu!

We’ve been around for a while, so we know our way around a bikini, we’re no rookies. If you reckon you’re all over it already, head straight over to our Women’s Bikinis and start *adding to cart*.


The High Waisted Bikini

The retro style of bikini we love and adore is back! The high waisted bikini is perfect for surfing and making sure everything is staying right where it needs to be, so you can keep your focus on getting pitted, NOT, whether you’ve got a wedgie. The high waisted bikini is a bikini fit for all ages, young and old.
Women Wearing Rusty High Waisted Bikini And Triangle Bikini | Shop Womens Swimwear

The Bandeau Bikini

Sun, salt, and the bandeau. Name a better trio? There’s no better bikini than a bandeau, bralette or strapless bikini to spend your days soaking up that vitamin D (but also, stay sun smart ladies). The best thing about the bandeau is that you can throw on a cami top and jorts without worrying about those straps getting in the way of a cute fit. Now you’re ready sunset drinks.

Women Wearing Rusty Bandeau Bikinis | Shop Womens Swimwear
Women Wearing Rusty Bralette Bandeau Bikinis | Shop Womens SwimwearThe Halter Neck Bikini

The halter neck bikini top and some super low rise baggy jeans…. Did someone say 90’s??? The halter neck bikini entails a single strap that fastens around the neck, giving you that hoisted-up look (hello cleavage), perfect for the girlies with smaller to average busts. Be sure to surf our selection of halter bikini tops, with real bra cups built right in for that extra level of support.
Women Wearing Rusty Triangle Halter Bikini | Shop Womens Swimwear
Women Wearing Rusty Triangle Halter Bikini | Shop Womens Swimwear

The Underwire Bikini Top

When choosing a bikini top, comfort and support are crucial factors to consider, the underwire bikini top features an underwire through the bottom of the bikini top for extra support so you can feel super comfy and get that extra boost of confidence. The underwired bikini is popular amongst larger busts but is suitable for all sizes! Check out our underwire bikini tops category to see all of our classic bikini tops.
Women Wearing Rusty Underwire Balconette Bikini | Shop Womens Swimwear
Women Wearing Rusty Underwire Bikini Top | Shop Womens Swimwear

Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

The cheeky bikini bottom is an increasingly popular style of bikini that’s famous for showing a bit more skin than usual, hence the name “cheeky”. Not only does it show a bit more bum, but it makes your legs look longer because it reveals the entire leg. The cheeky bikini bottom highlights the opposing curve of the cheek which makes the booty look perkier and curvy.
Women Wearing Rusty Cheeky Brazilian Bikini Bottom | Shop Womens Swimwear
Women Wearing Rusty Cheeky Bikini Bottom | Shop Womens Swimwear
Congrats, you've officially graduated Bikini 101! Now you know which types of bikinis you need in your wardrobe - all that's left to do is check out our range of bikini tops and bikini bottoms. Happy shopping ladies!

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