Rusty Women’s Spring and Summer 2021 Swimwear Campaign is a toast to Your Kind of women. 

#OURKIND of bikini... is a nod to Rusty’s embrace of women everywhere. This is the beginning of a new chapter dedicated to the ladies, those who live and breathe the Rusty way of life - not a celebration of what you wear, but a celebration of who you are, and the individual stories that weave together to form the Rusty foundation.

New shapes, new sizing, and new eco-friendly fabrics are just the beginning when it comes to the start of this new chapter for Rusty. We’re evolving our fits to cater to a more diverse crew, and continuing to embrace an eco focus, inching ever closer to a collection of 100% recyclable materials (this season we’re more than halfway there). Quality is key for us - this swim lasts, and we can guarantee it.

 In celebration, we’ve gathered a vibrant and diverse group of women for the occasion - women of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, and careers, each with their own unique story to tell. From surfers to photographers, medical professionals, marine biologists, musicians, designers to artists, these ladies form today’s face of Rusty Swimwear - Your Kind of women, Our Kind of women.

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