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Let’s travel back to the year 2000. Punk rock was topping the charts, skate fashion was poppin, and smartphones didn’t yet exist. Pop culture was at its peak and life was good. In a very different time that is 2023, Y2K fashion sits on the throne once again. Everything is reverting back to how it used to be. Baggy pants have finally given skinny jeans the boot, low rise has taken over high rise, and t-shirt graphics have moved back to a big old centre print. In our opinion, how it should be.

We’re going to take you through the resurgence of Y2K fashion in Rusty’s catalogues, discussing what we have changed and why. The majority of our Y2K styles are released through a collection we call Rusty Experimental Division, R.E.D. for short. R.E.D. is an injection range that’s full of our most forward fashion products, a healthy mix of old Y2K Rusty designs as well as fresh ideas from our design team. As an injection range, it drops at short notice and with limited stock, so let’s just say it goes quick!

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Low Rise Rules

Low rise is the style of women’s bottoms that sits around the waist, rather than above the hips. This style was a staple in the 2000’s, popularised by fashion icons of the time like Paris and Britney. Low rise jeans were the first to rise to power, shortly followed by all other bottoms like skirts, jorts and cargo shorts . In true Y2K fashion, our R.E.D collection features all of these styles. The whole R.E.D collection works together to create the perfect vintage outfit — pair any of the low rise styles with a tank top or a skimmer tee, and you really can’t go wrong.

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Baggy Fit is Back

The baggy fit is back better than ever. Initially spurring from the 90’s hip hop boom, stars like Tupac and Biggie brought the trend to the mainstream . The baggy fit gained popularity mainly through denim, which is still everyone’s favourite form of baggy pant. Baggy jeans are ideally paired with a skate shoe or sneaker and an oversized fit T-shirt or hoodie. Rusty has heaps of baggy fit jean styles, the flip daddy’s being the most recent addition as part of the R.E.D. collection. Baggy pants also look great in other materials, such as corduroy, cargos or just a regular cotton twill. The good news is, we stock them all at Rusty!

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OG Graphic Tees

The OG graphic tee is a key style in our R.E.D. collection, which is inspired by the Y2K influence of Ed Hardy and the iconic 2002 ‘Dump Him’ Britney tee. T-shirts in the 2000’s were dominated by huge front print graphics, which all the T-shirts feature in our new injection range. The baby fit tee is a key style for our women’s graphic tees, which is a slim fit cropped tee which we like to pair with a centre print graphic. Graphic tees are super easy to style, they go well with a denim pant or anything baggy — so pretty much everything in our R.E.D. collection.

Need More Vintage Outfit Inspo?

If you’re still unsure what vintage outfits styles and Y2K fashion would suit you, head over to our R.E.D. collection for full vintage aesthetic outfits. If you’re a fan of R.E.D, be sure to check out more of our archive fashion on our site and socials.

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