Our Kind of Outerwear: 6 Jackets & Hoodies You Need
No matter how many jackets or hoodies you have stuffed in your wardrobe, there never seems to be enough. There is always a layer or style that you’re missing. We are here to help you build the perfect combination of outerwear for every occasion. Every outfit has a different vibe, and the top layer has a big part to play in that. It’s not about the number of jackets you have in your closet, it’s about the quality, diversity, and wearability.

As well as providing an important function in keeping you warm (but not too warm), the fleece or jacket you put on in the morning can give you the boost of confidence you need to start your Monday. On the other hand, it could give you the warm and cosy energy you’re feeling after your 10 o'clock Sunday wake up.

1. Corduroy Jackets

The corduroy jacket is one of the only wardrobe items you can chuck on to look both dressed up and comfy as hell. Corduroy is a thick, durable, and extremely soft fabric that rose to power over the 60’s and 70’s peace movement. As a result, the corduroy jacket is now worn largely by surfers and those by the beach with similar lifestyles.

The corduroy jacket is adored as a unisex product, commonly worn with jeans, but any form of casual pants goes well with a corduroy jacket. Our men’s cord jackets generally feature a single or double chest pocket and certain styles feature sherpa lining for extra comfort and warmth. Women’s cord jackets are slightly more diverse, with a reversible feature, extra pockets and a hood.
Team rider Letty Mortensen wearing the V8 Coup Cord Zip Up Jacket in dark army.

2. Fleeces

Rusty fleece comes in all shapes, colours, and styles. Our fleece range makes up all our jumpers that are made from polyester, which essentially is synthetic wool. Ranging from your standard hoodie to a more dynamic polar fleece, the fleece is the definition of casual - the kind of jumper that you can throw on before bed or put on before hiking up a mountain! You always have one in the back of your car in case it gets chilly because it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or wearing, you can always chuck on your favourite fleece. Other categories of fleece include crew fleece, quarter zip and custom hoodies.
Team riders Letty Mortensen and Wade Carmichael wearing Rusty fleece. Pictured is the Middle Section Crew Polar Fleece in Amazon green and Polarized ¼ Zip Polar Fleece in colour Cuban sand.

Crew Fleece

You might know this as a crew neck or a sweater. A crew neck is a collarless fleece that can be worn as an inner layer when it gets properly cold or worn on its own if it’s only a little chilly. It might be your go-to jumper for an early morning run, or it could also be your comfort wear for when you’re spread across the couch with your trackies on.

A crew neck can also be a smart form of outerwear. Worn over a dress shirt and tie, a knitted crew neck is a very wearable, comfortable fleece that can be worn as smart/formal attire. Considered slightly more casual than a v-neck, which shows more shirt and tie, it is a usefully dynamic fleece between smart and casual.

Polar Fleece

In the midst of a cold winter, polar fleece is your dearest friend. Like the fur on a polar bear’s back, polar fleece is a lighter material, built with thermal insulation properties, so you don’t have to wear 4 layers of clothing throughout winter. Due to its unique lightweight and warmth, it is an extremely versatile form of outerwear for sports like rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing. If you’re looking for quality and top-tier performance, polar fleece is a no-brainer.

3. Hoodies

Hooded fleece, hoodie, hood. This is the one jumper we would recommend you have a few of in your wardrobe, because who doesn’t like a fleece-lined hoodie? Hands down the comfiest form of fleece. The king of casual. Doesn’t matter if you’re at the pub, on the couch or in bed, you literally never have to take it off. The hoodie will never go out of fashion, like a t-shirt, whether it’s plain or has a world-famous brand across it, the hoodie will always be a staple in the wardrobe.
Model Charlotte Rose Beers posing at the beach wearing the Rusty Line Oversized Hooded Fleece in colour green gables.

Quarter Zip Hoodie

The quarter zip hoodie. When you think you have enough fleece in your wardrobe, there's more to add. And maybe the best yet! A quarter zip is what it says, traditionally made from fleece or polar fleece and has a zip from the neck to the chest. Designed initially for layering in the winter months, allowing you to keep beanies/headwear on, without taking it off, but now adopted to be a wardrobe staple during spring, autumn, and winter.

You'll see quarter zip hoodies anywhere from sportswear staples all the way through to the hardiest outdoor wear. Most quarter zip hoodies feature a roo pouch, similar to a hoodie or sweatshirt, or side pockets similar to your traditional jackets.

Custom Hoodies

Imagine you could choose a nice quality hoodie from a selection of colours and get a word/sentence of your choice (with the Rusty R) printed across the front! Oh wait, you absolutely can. Whether it’s your local surf spot, the name of your pet or just a ridiculous sentence that you think would look sick on a hoodie, head over to our locals only custom hoodie builder, and make yours now.

4. Sherpa Jackets

The sherpa jacket is the big winter jacket that you can throw over the top of all your layers as well as smuggle all your goodies in. The sherpa name comes from the lining of the jacket being thick and woolly enough to get you up and down Mt Everest. The sherpa jacket is the perfect jumper for the early morning winter surf checks. When you would usually be too cold to get out of your car, this jacket will get you down on the beach. Check out our men's sherpa jacket.

5. Puffer Jackets

Everyone loves a puffer. The greatest thing about the puffer jacket is that you only have to own one of them, and you can wear it all the time! That’s why it’s a winter staple. Dare to say it is THE winter staple. Being an outside jacket, style your outfit, throw the puffer over the top, and then take it off once you’re indoors again. On the rare occasion when a puffer jacket is not warm enough, throw a hoodie underneath, there is no limit to how puffy you can look! But don’t be fooled by its look, the puffer is an extremely versatile jacket, it is not only water resistant, but it is super lightweight. Unlike most jumpers, women’s puffer jackets are cut at the waist, so as functional as they are, you can still show off the whole bottom half of your outfit!
Model Charlotte Rose Beers wearing the Rusty Floreat Water Resistant Puffer Jacket in pink clay.

6. Woodchuck Jackets

The woodchuck jacket, we’re proud to say this one is a rusty specialty. A spin on a flannel or a ‘flanny’ as you might say. It’s a midweight zip up jacket that, unlike a flannel, sits flat at the front, and not to mention, is much warmer. There is something special about the way this jacket sits, it seems like cheating, but no one said you couldn’t put a zip on a flannel. We adore this jacket so much we repeat it every season with new patterns and colours.
Team Riders Letty Mortensen, Wade Carmichal and Ollie Henry walking in carpark wearing Rusty. Pictured is the Woodchuck Woven Plaid Zip Up Jacket.

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