Man wearing rusty corduroy jacket with stripe tee | Shop Mens CorduroySomething that is beyond a trend, something that we believe is the ultimate fashion piece. Something truly classic that rolls with the times, with no regard for what’s on trend. Think Jordans, think jeans, think… CORDUROY! It's a garment that not only looks good but feels so good to wear, which is why we’re helping you, our kings and queens of cord, style your corduroy wardrobe so you can master the art of corduroy!

What is Corduroy?

Corduroy's rise to power was back in the 1970’s when sh*t started getting cool. At no surprise, it has remained cool ever since. One of the first materials that successfully combined style, warmth and comfort, corduroy is derived from the same fabric as velvet. The material is made from pile-cut yarn that’s woven into tufted cords, hence the name. Corduroy is a soft, heavyweight and durable material designed to keep you warm whilst keeping you looking fresh!

What to wear with a Corduroy Jacket

The corduroy Jacket is one of the only wardrobe items you can chuck on to look both dressed up and comfy as hell. The corduroy jacket is adored as a unisex product, commonly worn with jeans, but any form of semi-casual pants go well with a corduroy jacket. Our Men’s Cord jackets generally feature a single or double chest pocket and certain styles feature sherpa lining for extra comfort and warmth. Man wearing Rusty corduroy jacket with stripe tee | Shop Mens CorduroyWomen’s Cord jackets are slightly more diverse, with a reversible feature, extra pockets and a hood.
Women wearing hooded green corduroy jacket with cord pants | Shop Womens Corduroy

How to style corduroy pants

Straight leg, wide leg or shorts, corduroy bottoms come in all shapes, colours and sizes, although you can’t beat the OG corduroy pant. Whether they’re bagged out or straight fit , we think pants are what corduroy was made for.

Due to the heavyweight material, corduroy pants hold their shape perfectly. The loose fit does wonders as a streetwear item. Bagged out corduroy pants style great with a T-shirt or a hoodie, replicating the OG 90’s / 2000’s skate era fashion. Straight fit corduroy pants are very similar, only dialling back the 90’s vibes a little bit. A slightly more modern take that gives a more surfy or put-together look. Men wearing brown and black corduroy pants with tees | Shop Mens CorduroyFor the girls, high rise corduroy pants are an all time favourite, paired with a crop top or tank top, it’s the perfect outfit for a casual drink with the girls.
Women wearing high waisted corduroy pants with crop top | Shop Womens Corduroy
Summer may be a bit warm for corduroy pants, which is why we have cord shorts. CORTS! Corts are usually part of a casual summer outfit, put together with either a t shirt or maybe a button up if you’re going for a slightly smarter look.
Man wearing blue corduroy shorts | Shop Mens Corduroy
Women wearing brown corduroy shorts | Shop Womens Corduroy

How to wear Corduroy shirts

The corduroy shirt is a super versatile garment for both men and women . It’s warm, light, it’s comfy, but it’s smart. It’s pretty rare for a shirt to give off a somewhat rugged vibe but also smart at the same time. Wearing a cord shirt is simple, either button it up as a stand-alone or wear it as an overshirt, chuck on a pair of jeans or chino’s and you’re good to go. The corduroy overshirt is the perfect spring night get up when it’s not super chilly but you need that extra layer.

What to wear with Cord Hats

The cord hat is a surf classic, and usually comes in the form of a six panel or snapback cap. Now this is a cord item that we’d say go ahead and double up on the cord. The cord hat is a more subtle cord item, but nevertheless adds plenty of texture to your outfit. It pairs well with a casual pair of jeans and a casual.
Man wearing red rusty corduroy hat and rusty black tee | Shop Mens Corduroy
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