Rusty surf horoscopes

We have a girl that works at Rusty. She’s been to Byron, has heaps of plants in her house and wears nothing but upcycled monks clothing. She is also a clairvoyant and has the best cutback you’ve ever seen.

To avoid being embarrassed this month, don’t leave your house. Please. Like seriously, you’re going to blow it this month.


That rash you have been patiently waiting to go away isn’t getting better, STI’s get worse in time, not better. Its time to start being concerned about who you share your bed with, you’re getting a reputation.

That surf trip you’ve planned for with all your mates, the one in indo, with the spot that works on even the smallest swell. You know the one. Well its time to assess the to possibility to cancel this. You’re going to get skunked, unless you pack your skimboard and dork it out.