Rusty surf horoscopesWe have a girl that works at Rusty. She’s been to Byron, has heaps of plants in her house and wears nothing but upcycled monks clothing. She is also a clairvoyant and has the best cutback you’ve ever seen.

To avoid being embarrassed this month, don’t leave your house. Please. Like seriously, you’re going to blow it this month.


New year, new me. But not really, it’s the same sucky me. Spent January 1st the same way I always have since I was 16, cold, alone, and hungover. If you have high expectations for 2020 you should pause, and re assess what you plan on getting done this year. This sea Gypsy recommends that you are prepared to be disappointed with yourself and others.

That new fad diet you started “spontaneously” right after that game changers movie first isn’t really working out either. It’s been a few months now and your summer body you were so aching for is not coming, you still look like you did during the middle of winter. Don’t leave the house this month and put down the fork, fatty.