Words from our friends at Summersite.

"Miles from nowhere, we escaped reality for a day amongst the wide, sleepy streets of Newrybar in northern New South Wales. Cruising in our vintage Datsun, we fell in love with the simple serenity of this unintentionally trendy town - where street stalls drive the economy and shoes are always optional. On the road to the coast, we found ourselves in a subtropical sanctuary with the morning light peeking playfully through the gaps in the canopy. Wildflowers greeted us at every corner, and Montana spent a blissful morning playing dress ups with the latest styles from Rusty Australia and frolicking like a girl who never did quite know how to get rid of that pesky inner child of hers. As the day warmed up, it was only fair that we allowed ourselves a few hours to explore the coastline and make good use of the surfboard that we so diligently strapped to the roof of the car. The ocean was warm and inviting, but a crisp Southerly breeze made our skin tingle and we sought shelter in a secluded corner of the beach, letting the sunshine warm us from the outside in. As the afternoon light began to mellow, we forced ourselves to hit the highway that would take us back to reality, quietly promising ourselves that we would always remember to take pleasure in life's little simplicities and the hidden beauties in our everyday surroundings."