Not one to turn down new opportunities, local Perth talent Amaani Alikhan joined the team to film the All In campaign and fitted in perfectly. From late night karaoke to cliff jumping, without hesitation and with plenty of smiles, she took it all in her stride.

Having completed a degree in Journalism and still completing a degree in Design here in Perth, she is a passionate and knowledgeable Environmental and Animal Rights Activist and all round babe. Have a read below for her take on modelling and beyond.




Modelling can be a pretty critical industry, you’ve got to have a lot of guts to put yourself out there but with risk there’s that thrill.  What drives you to put yourself on the line like that? 

There are a number of driving factors that I find motivating within the modelling industry however the main attribute that really gets me up in the morning is the people I get to constantly surround myself by.

Being a Journalism and Design student, I am constantly driven and inspired by different creative forms of expression as well as getting to know new people and their creative craft. Therefore for me, modelling is a great platform that gives me the opportunity to meet inspiring individuals, and to understand their work on a personal and primary level.  Like any job, modelling has its ups and downs and I agree with you when you say it takes guts and thick skin to survive in such a critical industry. However for me, I have always looked at my work in a slightly different light. When you begin working as a model it is definitely important to not take all critiques to heart and to understand who you are as a person before “putting yourself on the line”, vulnerable to the strong personalities and individuals working alongside you. People forget this industry is not just about taking photos and looking pretty, it is a form of explorative expression, hard work and work for that matter. 

For us, you got in a bikini, climbed a cliff then jumped! What would you say is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken for a job? (Physical or mental)

Yew! Being told I got to jump off a cliff and go to Rotto for the day for work, I think to anyone sounds like an absolute dream… and so it was! Growing up with an older brother, jumping off cliffs and being outside in the water are things I’ve grown up doing but with my work, I had never been put into that particular environment. So with that in mind, trying to find the perfect medium of work and play, and somehow still looking good jumping off a cliff in Rotto was definitely a bit of a mental challenge!

During the shoot you spoke quite passionately and were quite knowledgeable about where your food comes from and the food industry in general. Can you tell us a bit how and why it’s so important to you? 

Originally growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, I was exposed to quite a poor environmental landscape and a different culture of manufacturing food. This influenced my passion for the environment and to also understand the importance of what I put on my plate. My dad always said to me if you would like to represent something always be knowledgeable in that field of interest.


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