We are so proud to introduce to you, the first ever Rusty Women’s Wetsuit. The new Somersault 2mm Long Sleeve Spring suit is a wetsuit that has been designed by a team of fashion designers and surfers.

Ensuring the wetsuit is not only flattering for all body types but also functional for all water conditions.
The Somersault combines a sleek high-cut midi bottom with a stylish body panel design and centre chest zip closure.
The design boasts salty sophistication with the ultimate performance and flexibility of a performance suit.
To add to this the wetsuit is made from our unique ECOPRENE foam, which is the lightest, warmest and stretchiest foam in the market.
Below is some more technical jargon to prove to you just how amazing it is.

The lightest weight, warmest & stretchiest limestone-based foam available. Ecoprene contains ZERO petrol chemicals unlike most of the market’s neoprene-based suits, the foam is 100% produced from the highest quality limestone providing the lightest, comfiest and strongest foam on the market.
An eco-friendly water saving, anti-fade dying technique.
Eco-friendly, water-based glues and laminates. No nasty solvents in our suits……you are welcome! Anatomically engineered panels with minimal seams for unrestricted movement and maximum performance. Each seam features FLATCLOCK, which is a non-invasive light and flexible method for joining panels. The suit also features silicon seals on the cuffs of the arms to prevent flushing. Rusty’s quick zip closure and minimal bulk for a perfect fit.

Our suit also comes with a market leading YKK zip that provides self-locking once closed.

Our Rusty Women’s Somersault 2mm Long Sleeve Springsuit is built to last and we stand by our product. Offering a 12-month warranty on all stitch, fluid seams and our ECOPRENE material. Head to our warranty section to discover more.

Much Love, the Rusty Womens Team ❤ xx