BornSunny Coast, Queensland.

Current digsSunny Coast, Coolum Beach, Queensland.

Height5'5 (165cms).


Local go-to surf spot?Anywhere between Coolum beach and Sunshine beach.

Favourite wave?Ujung Bacor in South Sumatra, running left hand point!

Favourite wave I haven't been to yet?Would love to travel the coast of New Zealand! Somewhere cold and raw.

Post surf go-to meal?Banana smoothie.

Slabs or point breaks?Point breaks.

Hacks or punts?Hacks, hopefully one day punts haha.

Lefts or Rights?Lefts.

Cats or dogs?Dogs all the way.

What's your current Rusty quiver consist of? Currently dialling boards at the moment, standard performance size is 5'7 and a fun 5'6 epoxy for small gutless waves.

Out of those, what are you riding the most?Mostly epoxy!

Surprise, Surprise?I used to box semi-professional for a few years, 7 out of 10 wins!

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