Our Rusty team dived head first into exotic areas in Indonesia including Canggu and West Sumbawa, in the search for some uncrowded waves. Nothing like catching waves with the boys on a trip away in the sun.#OurKind


Letty repping the new Rusty Salvador short sleeve tee. It's always good to be juiced up before a shred.


Canggu provides waves both in and out of the water. It's definitely the more exotic and preferred destination to the busy Kuta for waves on both lands. Ollie Henry wearing the new Tactile long sleeve tee and Tactile elastic pants. 



The land of the disgraced is not something to be ashamed of but rather proud. To defy the norm even if people consider it 'disgraceful', who cares, we don't. 


L    O    V    E 

When on a Indo trip theres no shame in 'love' for your bro's. Especially considering what the crew gets up to. Letty in the Curry comp wash tee and the black Highball slides cruising on a boat to Sumbawa.



 Ollie Henry in the new "Run Off" tee on the way to surf a quite reef in Sumbawa.




Ollie in the new Razor short sleeve shirt and Spot the Dot elastic boardies next to a random hut that way came across whilst exploring near our cabin. It was a great looking hut with good craftsmanship, but with no one in sight, strange. 



Indo always brings good vibes, beers and most importantly memories. A lot of waves surfed and places explored along the way. Only a matter of time until we visit Indo's beauty again. Til next time. #OurKind