Rusty Surf Horoscope

We have a girl that works at Rusty. She’s been to Byron, has heaps of plants in her house and wears nothing but up-cycled monks clothing. She is also a clairvoyant and has the best cutback you’ve ever seen.

2020 hasn't been your year. Matter of fact, hasn't really been anyone's. You're in quarantine, isolated and your choosing to practice self love more than proactive activities. Divert your attention away from your beans and your bits. Let it relax. Do something constructive, like a puzzle or better yet, actually do some work.

This month you have a 50/50 chance of picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. Making something of yourself. Likely you're still in isolation like the rest of us goons. Time to clean up the naughty stack under your bed, watch people surf better than you on YouTube, flex those spaghetti arms in the mirror, strum a guitar instead of your Johnson and fix the garden that others call a jungle.