Sebastian Hartog is a Gold Coast resident with Dutch origins that follow his bloodline to infamous 17th century explorer Dirk Hartog. This film is from Sebby's adventure with friends to trace his family heritage and explore one of Australia's most amazing Island destinations - Dirk Hartog Island in Western Australia.

"October 25, 2016 commemorated the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog landing in WA in 1616. This anniversary inspired me to embark on this journey to pay homage to my heritage, seek out my ancestor’s steps and explore one of the more mysterious and spectacular regions of the Australian coastline." @Sebbyhartog

Rusty jumped on board the trip presented as part of Summersite’s ‘Islands of OZ’ series.  

Film and edit // Tom Iffla @apertunity_ & Sebastian Hartog @sebbyhartog 
Aerial drone film // Jake Travers @drone_pilots_australia 
Underwater film // Andre Rerekura @oceanhanuman
Photography // Elise Hassey @elisehassey 
Styling // Annie Lila Smith @annielila for @rusty_womens @rusty_australia
Music // "Unfollow" by The Jim Mitchells @jim.mitchell // Third Eye Stimuli Records @third_eye_stimuli.
Produced by // Jon Laurenson - Summersite @summersite
Location // Dirk Hartog Island @dirkhartogisland // Western Australia @westernaustralia