After her recent Rusty Women's takeover, we sat down with Sophie to ask her a few questions about surf, isolation and the future.

Read more below and rewatch her takeover here.

Name:Sophie Fletcher.


Star Sign: Aquarius.

Home Town:Phillip Island.

What music are you currently listening too? A mixture of tunes, iso has me in all kinds of moods. Loving some disco house beats to chilled Matt Corby/ Empire of the Sun/ Angus and Julia vibes. 

What are you currently watching?Just finished Money Heist, started Animal Kingdom.

What’s your secret talent? Besides surfing….Filming, documenting and editing fun moments during travel. 

What age did you start surfing? And who taught you to surf?Started at 5. Learnt from dad and I just remember so clearly the massive yellow soft top board I got. 

What do you love about surfing (what does it mean to you)?The fact that you can share such a fun “thing” with others is amazing. We ride waves… I mean how cool is that. For me surfing is a passion, hobby, job and escape. 

Rusty team rider Sophie Fletcher

Who is your surfing icon, and why?Steph Gilmore all day every day. Style, grace and a genuine human being. She looks majestic on a wave.

If you could surf any break in the world where would it be and who would you take?This mythical looking wave in West Africa, there’s a clip of Michael February on this right hand point in the middle of a fishing village. No one out, and seriously the most perfect right hander than runs for hundreds of meters. Barrels and endless turns. So I would take him so he can show me where this mystery wave is. And I would ride heaps of whacky boards. 

How has this world crisis (coronavirus) impacted you?It has positively affected me. I have been getting so many things done that I’ve been pushing to the side for ages. I have so much time to work on my new business and to be really creative! So may ideas! And surfing ridiculous hours. Even though the World qualifying series has been cancelled for the year and I have no work at the moment, it's given me time to focus and plan some things for future. 

What are you doing to stay sane?Surfing (that’s also my way to be social and see friends), designing, making clay pots, skateboard wall art, heaps of random things haha. 

Once the world gets back to normal, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?Give someone a hug. 

What’s your next Rusty board order going to include?Single fin.

What’s your go to Rusty clothing staple?Any high waisted pant, belt and crop or the lounge crop pant (comfiest things).