Scott & Tyla Pass was selected as the winner of the monthly Summersite Summer Seekers program on behalf of Rusty Australia (us) to produce an editorial for our summer collection. This is his incredible submission travelling around the islands of Indonesia. 


Write up by Scott and Tyla Pass

Just over an hour flight, East of Bali, rests a deserted group of islands and atolls. Set amidst the arid mountains of East Nusa Tengarra and plunging into pristine blue waters is a location so untouched and remote, it's easy to see why the world’s largest lizard calls it home. It's more collectively renowned as Komodo National Park - Boasting similar characteristics to the Greek islands and Mediterranean regions. You can see why the Komodo dragon has thrived here. The mountains and valleys are harsh terrain - often very dry, with intense humidity - Totally contrasting to Bali. We'd spend four days navigating the islands before travelling back to Bali for another eight days.

The mountains are staggering, dramatic and seem to sink effortlessly into the azure waters below. Scattered and deserted sand islands are dispersed randomly throughout some of the most electric blue water we've ever laid eyes on. Unlike anything we'd seen before, the islands of Komodo National Park in East Indonesia play host to some of the most exceptionally beautiful and desolate landscapes imaginable. This backdrop proved to be the ultimate playground to free dive, scuba, hike, adventure and relax. A lack in tourist numbers made this place so special - the perfect location to uncover and explore. These are the remote islands of Indonesia.