With down time in between QS events earlier this year, team riders Lucas Silveira, Kevin Schulz and Letty Mortensen were all in town and up to no good on the shores of Hawaii. It is not often that our shit aligns and our team are in the same place, at the same time, on the same waves so we sent over our mate and collaborator, Tyler Bell to join their entourage.

Turns out the waves were shithouse for almost 2 weeks straight and all the boys ended up doing was drinking beers and eating Poke bowls. 

Zero. Clips. Filmed. 

The boys were getting antsy. Luckily the waves were starting to pick up so we extended Tyler’s trip another week, got the boys off the beers and started to stack some clips with the little bump in swell coming through. 

The result, 2 and a half minutes of surfing with mates on the north shore making the most of what they were served up with Lucas ripping the face of some Rockies rights, Kev and Letty pushing each other and dialling in some air time.

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Tyler Bell

Lactose Intolerant