Last week, Rusty Australia’s head shaper Aido Wheeler jetted over to the West Coast for a week of one-on-one shaping lessons with a group of lucky customers from Star Surf + Skate. 

Star is one of a dying breed of surf shops in Australia that still maintains a working shaping bay on its premises. For the last three years, Aido and Rusty have taken advantage of Star’s shaping bay and stoked out about 50 customers by giving them their first taste of shaping a personalised magic carpet with their own hands.

This year local photographer John Harney was on hand to capture a day of shaping tutorials via a HD time lapse camera which was set up high in the corner of the bay to capture the process of each budding shaper getting shown the ropes by Master Shaper Aido. 

Anyone interested in shaping their own surfboard with Aido in 2016 can email and he will lock you in for the next round of sessions!