Rusty was lucky enough to shoot with Miquela when she was still in her teen years, from then we have watched Miquela excel in her modelling career and become the amazing, inspiring woman that she is.

Miquela and partner and school teacher, Jack recently set off on an exciting adventure, exploring the WA coastlines from Esperance to Broome. From here they started their own YouTube channel and Instagram page - @sliceofblisss, capturing the essence of who they are. Their travels have landed them in a remote Indigenous community (south of Broome), where they spend their days selflessly teaching the children at school and helping in the community.

On their days off though, you’ll find them camping and diving the untouched coastlines, fishing, mud crabbing, and just living their best life really. The Rusty x Miquela Vos collection is designed by Miquela where she focuses on the essential basics for every girl's wardrobe…showcasing some of our favourite environmentally conscious fabrications in the seasons must-have silhouettes and colour pallet.