Welcome to Wade’s world.

We got 200 of our close mates together and held a collab for the ages featuring full body man hacks, music, audio/visual spectacular and custom Rusty clobber.⁠⁠⁠

Beverages were drunk, burgers were consumed, and good times were had. Huge thanks to the core lords from Fat Face, Pretty Uglies, Mal De Mar and the Spunloves who provided the soundtrack to the night.
On the night we hosted a raffle to win a FREE custom Rusty surfboard, with all proceeds going towards The Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund (LMDRF) to help our mates up in the North West clean up from Cyclone Seroja. A total of $1800 was donated from the night.

Jump into the link here to enjoy your positive reflection on the night that was #memories.