The team at our surfboard factory has been on our backs for years to make them workwear that lasts. They were sick of wearing shit that didn't fit or didn't work. After a year of wearing us down, the boss cracked and here it is.
Surfboard shapers are our kind find craft Tradesmen, perfecting a board for a rider to travel the world with; labouring over a design for hours, sometimes days, at a time.
TradeR is workwear designed by surfers, for surfers. No matter where you live or what you do for work, as long as you're committed to your craft like we are; our gear is for you.


It's your typical dawn session down at your local. You've wrapped up your early morning surf with your mates and are heading back to your car to clock on for the day.

TradeR by Rusty is our new offering for men's workwear. TradeR brings our constant surf innovation and reliability to workwear with shirts, tees, shorts and pants. Durable workwear that gets the job done and is built to last.