We teamed up again with our friends at Summersite to shoot a quick editorial while our team rider Pama Davies was travelling through Europe. They caught up with Pama in Portgual, check out the write up by Summersite, words by Jon Laurenson.


Staring at the Atlantic Coast of Portugal reminds me of South-Western Australia. A Tim Winton extract with its glorious sun setting over the ocean, the rugged coastline, and the cool afternoon sea breezes.

Our dreamy swell run had come to an end but we still wanted more. Checking the surf is a tedious process sometimes. Hours spent in the car looking, rolling, trawling - chasing the sun.

Pama had arrived too late and in between - if you know what I mean?

The light was nice, the car was cool and the girl was hot so we shot the mood.

An afternoon of swinging moods and moody hues.

Model // Bianca Gerth @biancagerth_
Surfer // Pama Davies @pamadavies
Clothing and swim // Rusty Australia @rusty_autralia @rusty_womens
Car // @chill_in_ericeira
Photography and styling // Miki and Reny from Almar Studio @almarstudio
Film and Edit // Rod Caetano @rodcaetano
Producer // Jon Laurenson @prayforthejon