We launched our first eyewear range back in 2013 on the tumblr famous face of Teresa Oman. If you have been living under a rock or with your gran who doesn't have the internet yet then Teresa Oman is an Aussie model hailing from Byron Bay and she is tumblr famous. She was voted the highest blogged model in 2013 and lets face it, she's a babe. Anyway, enough about Teresa…

Last year Rusty launched an eyewear range that cemented our place in the eyewear game. Our first collection infused timeless classics with a new school flavour. Drawing inspiration from the style icons of the yesteryear but reinterpreted with a modern, technical aesthetic. Old School inspired looks coupled state of the art materials – an epic blend of style, function and comfort

Rusty eyewear is online now with a new range dropping soon.

Teresa wears Evil frame and Fastlane fame.