Noa Deane 19 years from Coolangatta has climbed the ranks to be one of the best and most sort after surfers on the planet. His approach to begging waves is some how unorthodox with an attitude for A+ Clips / All Or Nothing unpredictability flare. He is part of the What Youth movement, Dane Reynolds takes him on trips, see Danes LOADED movie.

He is working on releasing CHEESE part 2, if you didn’t see CHEESE 1 we recommend you pounce on Google, part 2 has taken him to Morocco, Telos Islands & West Oz. Top it off he’s featured on 4 Covers already on 2014.

He seems to be going bigger and bigger each time I see him. But this trip has been different. His pull ratio is getting close to Chippa's. His height is up there with John John. And his grip is the same as Christian's. Noa has been working on his alley oops and really only learned them on this trip. No doubt he'll settle for nothing less than the most tweaked. -Nate Lawrence Photographer

Noa is currently on the road filming for a variety of projects, but one being Kai's next film (to be released December)

He has been running full deck grip and grinding more Indonesian Mexican food than anyone and learned how to do alley oops, BIG oops.