When the tour comes to Coolangatta (the home town of Noa Deane) it brings not only the top 33 but also every man and his dog, his neighbour, local butchers, distance cousins and more dogs. You know how crowded Snapper is any way well imagine that line up plus all the extras, almost comes a game of surfing jenga. When Noa saw New Zealand was in 'batten down the hatches' mode with cyclone PAM on its way it wasn't a hard decision to dodge the Gold Coast crowds are head straight into a cyclone. There was a few blown out days with once in a lifetime waves braking inside harbours and at random places. As soon as it passed the swell stayed and winds were off shore. Pam was no ordinary TC as it was recorded as the second most intense storm in the South Pacific and the third most intense TC in the Southern Hemisphere. Bouyweather reading hit 9m at 21 seconds. Pam crossed the NZ coast and dispensed as fast at it came in leaving locations that where supposed to blown out flooded beaches with sun shine and pumping waves leaving Noa Deane & Dylan Goodale upmost satisfied.
Photos - @billy_leepope, @jeremeaubertin and @damagedgoodszine