For two most long and weary weeks the languid enchantress Noa Deane and the perennial photo boy Jay Davies, toured the Islamic kingdom of Morocco

Noa on Morocco, it was pretty dry, Jay nearly punched me because I was getting under his skin so bad, the surf was doing my head in. Randomly got the craziest barrels, the biggest caves. The waves was two k’s long, we’d catch waves for a million kilometers, step off down the line after riding a wave for a minute then a car would pick us up and drive us down the point. I kept getting drunk every night so I wouldn’t get sick, we got acid in our eyes from a factory run off into the surf.

This gnarly undercover cop grabbed our guide and ran off with him. I got pushed up against the wall by four security guards as I was hanging with some Moroccan chicks. Something weird happened but I don’t know what, plus It was obvious that we were staying at a haunted hookers house, it was heavy. But I do look forward to returning one day soon.

Photos: Matthew O’Brien