I don’t really have one, heaps of people call me Dani but I prefer Danielle!


I was born on the 27th of January 2000.

Which makes your star sign a?

Makes me an Aquarius baby.

Any pets?

Yes, 2 dogs Angus and Bella who I am totally obsessed with, I’m the biggest dog person. They are Bull Mastiff x Bull Arab so they definitely aren’t small dogs!

Where did you grow up and where is your current home in the world right now?

I’m a born and bread Sunshine Coast girl from Queensland and have lived here my whole life.

So what does a day in the life look like? Tell us everything from wake up to sun down...

From Monday to Thursday I work as a dental assistant for an orthodontist and my days start at 7:45 am and end at around 5:15 pm. On the weekends you can find me at the beach, going on a little road trip or having a few cheeky beers.

What’s one thing you do for self-love and self-care?

I go to the gym everyday and for me it is something that really helps my mental health which I think is so important.

Favourite quote or mantra?

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side” I feel like this quote is important especially in todays’ society where it is so easy to form opinions of people from social media etc. It is easy to forget it is just a highlight reel and everyone is going through their own stuff!

Who and what inspires you?

Has to be my mum. She has been through a lot and yet still puts everyone else first and is always there for everyone. The most selfless person I know.

What’s on top of your bucket list? One thing you’ve always wanted to do...

My dream has always been to travel, particularly Europe and the Greek Islands. I was meant to be doing that this year but with everything happening in the world that obviously wasn’t possible. So hopefully it will happen one day! I have also always wanted to travel around Australia, we are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous country.

What would you say your everyday go to style is?

My everyday style is pretty casual, I honestly dress like a dude half the time haha. I love a good crop vintage surf tee and some loose fitting jeans. On the odd occasion I dress up I like a nice pair of pants with a cute crop. As you can tell I’m definitely a pants girl over skirts or dresses.

What are you vibing from your Rusty pieces?

So far I can’t fault any of the pieces! I love the Sandalwood slim triangle bikini tops because they come in a few colours and they are adjustable everywhere so you can really make it fit well for you! I also love the thriller rusty tank, it is right up my alley and so easy to chuck on with jeans or shorts and still look put together, can dress it up or wear it more casual!


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