Al or AB 



3rd of Nov 96’


Which makes your star sign a?



Any pets?

Our beautiful family doggo Meela, she is the sweetest little Staffy in the world! 


Where did you grow up and where is your current home in the world right now?

I was born in Cairns, but my rents moved to Adelaide when I was 9 months old. Along the way, I have lived in Auckland, New Zealand and Whistler, Canada. My current home is Adelaide, South Aus!


So what does a day in the life look like? Tell us everything from wake up to sun down...

I am a Paramedic and work a 4 on/4 off roster (the work/life balance dream). My work days are 12 hours long and pretty hectic. On my days off, I try to get away, exploring every inch of Yorkes & the Fleurieu Peninsula. My partner and I have a 4WD & rooftop tent set up, and he is lucky to also have a flexible work schedule, so we can adventure together on the reg. I also love to squeeze in a brunch with my galfriends & fam time! 


What’s one thing you do for self-love and self-care?

Exercise! Pilates & riding my bike in the fresh air are two things that get all the endorphins flowing, I feel so damn good afterwards. 


Favourite quote or mantra 

Life is short. 

Because of the job I am in, I became so acutely aware of how unpredictable life really is. So, do all of the things that make you happy. Go on all of the adventures. Really enjoy the small things: like a beautiful sunset, the taste of a good coffee, and the feeling of fresh sheets on your bed. Be unapologetically you. Tell the people you love, just how much you love them, every single day. Follow all of your dreams. Don’t forget how precious life is! 


Who and what inspires you?

I love this question!!! I am fuelled by inspiration and could go on forever, but just to name a few:

My parents - such genuine, hard working, loving people. They are always offering me a new perspective and encouraging me to follow my dreams. 

My friends - I am surrounded by so many strong women, all with such unique stories and life journeys. Watching them reach their goals makes me overwhelmingly inspired. 

My partner - He is the greatest person I have ever known. He has so much energy & zest for life, and makes me want to live an amazing life.


What’s on top of your bucket list? One thing you’ve always wanted to do...

Hmm, so hard to narrow it down, the ol bucket list is full of so many exciting things. If I had to put it down to one… when I am in the financial position to have a break from work (and covid isn’t restricting travel) I want to travel overseas for a year and visit all of my dream destinations. Morocco & Mexico are two places I am dying to get to! 


What would you say your everyday go to style is?

I would describe my everyday style as ‘whatever feels good on the day.’ Sounds so weird haha, but sometimes I wake up and want to chuck on an oversized tee, shorts & Reebok’s. Other days, it’s a linen two piece set or a maxi dress with my Doc’s. I guess you can call it a beachy, boho vibe? I find a lot of my fave pieces from Op shops & markets, and I avoid fast fashion stores.


What are you vibing from your Rusty pieces?

So much to love about my Rusty pieces! Amazing quality, fun & super comfy. I can already see myself wearing these items for years to come. My fave item at the moment is the ‘Rhapsody One Piece’ such a stunning little number, making me very excited for summer! 


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