Woodstock was a long time ago... 1969. We didn't even think calendars went back that far :P
But that didn’t stop us referencing the ground breaking festival at the end of this iconic era.  

Long hair, flowers, comfy silhouettes and textures, pieces overflowing with colour and prints. Peace and love was the message of Woodstock and the fashion reflected that. That was our inspiration for this collection, as well as the inspiration for who to shoot it with, our beautiful friend LAURA!

Laura is the Rusty girl to an R. Effervescent, funny, gorgeous and always down for a good time.
Our style muse when piecing the collection together, and in particular when designing Costello dress which matches her perfectly.

We packed the car in Sydney, stopped for some java and begun our mission down the coast to Wollongong to find the perfect beach and explore.

Valley Jacket - Tortoise Shell

Costello Wideleg Pant - Tortoise Shell


Thanks for looking through our lookbook :)

Modelled by Laura Dewitt

Photos by Ben Sullivan