The final came down to the Long brothers, Rusty and Greg, Carlos Brule, Damien Hobgood, and Nic Lamb.
As the underdog from the start, Kerr was definitely looking to be having the most fun in the line-up, going for every wave and sitting low enough to hold solid control of his board amongst the turbulence. He had a smile on his face after every wave despite the force thrust upon him from each ride.
He said in the water after the final siren "I'm ecstatic, I'd rather win doing this than some airs on 2-foot beachies. My body is absolute toast and I can barely paddle, I'm tripping. It's such an amazing field of surfers and I respect all of them. I drew a lot of inspiration from the guys charging jaws yesterday, those guys are just gnarly.
Kerr continued "I've been so focused on winning a world tour event and I still haven't won a CT yet so it's just so special to win this. I don't even know what this feeling is going through my body right now."
"I was counting my lucky stars I could come town, I was given a one-time leave pass from the US Department of Immigration because I'm going through my Green Card Process right now. I just wanted to make the most of it and have fun."
He also thanked Rusty Priesendorfer for shaping the 10”0 that was under his feet, Josh and Rusty have been working closely over the last few years refining Kerr’s big wave equipment and today all the days in the shaping bat paid off.
Watch the highlights from the WSL here