Rusty make boardies, good boardies that will give you pleasure from 2ft summer days to terrifying 20ft days, boardies that stretch perform, look good and are comfortable.

This is the Evil Dumpster, which features:

  • 6 Eyelet locking function to reduce draw cord slippage when you need it to stick
  • Non-slip internal waistband application, keeps your boardies where you want them
  • Durable wider waistband with heavy top stitch detail, stop’s waistband roll
  • Comfort lycra fly shield with soft top edge to stop waistband rash
  • Double Velcro closure adds some additional security when you need it most
  • Internal lap-seam reduces wear and tear on your inner leg
  • Oversize rise and gusset provide a fresh tweak to a classic performance boardie
  • 18” Leg length covers your thigh won’t catch on your knee


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