Cyclone swells. Pretty neat if you can score one. Equally as neat if they develop off the coast, come close, but never really hit (nobody wants to loose their roof to a word that they can't pronounce.
We had Ollie and corpo TM shill head over from WA, Letty from new south and Zeke from Cali join the Avoca Jesus on the Goldy for 4 days while cyclone Uesi brewed just off the coast. This swell didn't exactly 'go off', kind of a fizzle is you're asking me. We managed to get a couple decent days over the 4. The TM got worked and nearly drowned, so that was worth it.
The boys ended up scoring pretty decent snapper, mental sweep Kirra and cute D bahhhh for a few spinners.
 Letty mortensen Kirra barrel
Letty Mortensen, Kirra choccy nug. photo @meatwavves
Snapper Empty
Snapper Empty rolling through. Photo @meatwavves
Surfed til dark
Letty Mortensen / Ollie Henry post surf walk to the top of the crows nest. Photo @meatwavves
Lineup to snapper
Letty Mortensen amongst the crowds. Photo @meatwavves
Letty mortensen
Dirty Kirra mongrel, Letty Mortensen likes it like that. Photo Meatwavves
Kelly Slater
Wanabee Kelly Slater. Photo Meatwavves
Ollie Henry
Dbah Spinner, Ollie Henry. Photo Dan Scott
Letty Mortensen
How to effectively slow down with Letty. Photo Meatwavves
Wade Carmichael
Mid way through a choccy nuggie with Wade. Photo Meatwavves
Man Hack
Man hack, Wade Carmichael. Photo Meatwavves
Snapper Rocks
Behind the rock take offs, Wade Carmichael. Photo Meatwavves.
Came for the waves, stayed for the good times, left because we ran out of money.
Thanks for looking