It was 2 years in the making and last night at the ace hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CLUSTER was premiered. The whole cast was there and the line to get into the building was wrapped around the block. The film by Kai Neville features the best guys in the world that are currently not surfing on the WSL, they travelled the planet looking for the best destinations to try and nail the best clips possible for their individual sections.


A movie like this almost becomes a contest in itself where the guys battle to out do each others part and see who can claim the closing section.  Each of the guys knew what their own part looked like, but no one had seen anyones else’s parts before the premiere and no one knew who would claim the closer ...(Which is always reserved for the person who has the best part and is a huge honour in any major surf film)


So in the theatre amongst all the crowd also sat the cast: Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Jack Freestone, Brendon Gibbons, Creed Mctaggart, Dion Agius, Connor Coffin, Ryan Callinan, Dillon Perillo, Chippa Wilson, Mitch Coleborn and Noa Deane. All the guys watching just as intensely as every kid in the audience to see how it would unfold.


And so it began.....


Mitch Coleborn opened the movie, Brendon Gibbons followed with an amazing part, Creed and some friends owned an interlude surfing perfect J Bay, Taj Burrow and Jay Davies made an appearance in a section featuring the reefs on Australia’s west coast. Jack Freestone changed the tone and stepped the movie into the next gear with a jaw dropping section edited to ‘Reckless’ by Aussie Crawl and then there was only a couple of guys left and best sections unveiled. Dane Reynolds then blew the socks off every kid in the theatre, but it wasn’t the closer, it was then Craig Anderson who’s section had some of the best waves, incredible surfing and was visually spectacular, but it wasn’t the closer either. The only one left was one of the youngest in the cast and one of the clear crowd favourites, Noa Deane! In true Noa style Courtney Love started to echo through the speakers of the theatre and the crowd started to erupt as Noa’s section had every eye in the theatre glued to the screen. The kid absolutely owned it and dropped one of the best clips ever seen, from perfect barrels to the biggest boned out airs being done in surfing. Noa killed it and truly claimed his spot as one of the best free surfers in the world. Of course the after party raged on till the early hours of the morning and countless people lined up to congratulate Noa, get pictures with him, autographs and several of LA's finest girls tried to take him home. This was definitely Noa’s night and he embraced it like a true professional.


Noa Deane is set to become one of the most watched surfers in the world and we are very lucky to have him as part of the rusty family - congratulations Noa.

Photos : monster children