A Film starring Noah Schweizer

By Layne Stratton


During the summer, time slows like molasses. The heat prevails. The waves are humbled. In the first section of my four-part series, “By The Books,” I introduced the first segment, “Killing Time.” In this chapter, I leisurely explored the heart of the Los Angeles area and Central America. 

I set out to capture the true classic California landscape. Considering I call this place one of my home bases, I wanted to delve into the notorious streets of Hollywood, Venice, and Beverly Hills. From the towering palms, to the legendary Malibu lookouts, I wanted to capture the California summer that people don’t know or don’t want to admit appeases them.  

When traveling to Central America, I sought out similar intentions. To capture a vulnerability and beauty of my surroundings that people may not be aware exists. These cultures, locals, and overall lifestyle were laid-back. Insouciant. Serene. The waves were far from gratifying, but just like any kid, I was enjoying every last lick of summer. As   time crept on and Summer took her last breaths, we said our goodbyes and anticipated the next chapter. ~NS