Shot throughout a journey through the islands of Indo last year with the boys Letty and Ollie. We spent our first night in a villa near Sumbawa so we could wake up at the crack of dawn to get the best waves possible. Awesome times amongst awesome people. #OurKind

Letty in the Charles elastic pants prepping for an early morning surf

Letty repping the White Tactile long sleeve shirt and Gun Green elastic pants under the night sky

Ollie in the Gun Green Tactile long sleeve shirt and the black Tactile elastic pants whilst sinking some pool balls. Surprised he was even able to sink more than 3


Letty in the pope eye short sleeve tee on the boat trip to Sumbawa

Nothing like having a Bintang and cruising around on a ped going to places you havn't been to. Restless and reckless is what the  the new Surrealism tee is all about

The Plastic kills tee - waters biggest enemy