“We’ve got 10 dogs, 5 chickens, 5 bunnies, and a snake. But it's awesome, there’s never a dull moment over here.” – Noah on Noahs Arc. 


Quiet, respectful and humble isn’t what comes to mind when you think of your typical Cali surfer but that’s exactly what Florida born Noah Schweizer is and aspires to be. With surf running in the family he has always looked up to his brother, a big wave surfer, and hopes one day to inspire new groms coming up.

From New Smyrna Beach to New York, Mexico to Tokyo, Portugal to the Caribbean and beyond, Noah's passport has seen some ink but he says “nothing really compares to getting good waves at home on the East Coast, we had a really good run of swells this fall and there’s nothing like getting barrelled with all your friends at home.”


His first year with Rusty has been a big change for Noah but something he took in his stride. 2017 saw Noah release 2 clips in a series of 4 which follow the seasons and showcases the different types of waves the East and West Coast see throughout the year. Despite being new to the Free-Surf game he’s finding his feet, working with a good crew and seeing the change in himself.

“Signing with the crew over at Rusty and letting me do my own thing was something I never really thought would happen. I was just so used to grinding in contests every month and just kinda forgot why I started surfing and why I love it.“

“I was definitely nervous with putting clips out and I still am, just with how good everyone surfs now and you really have to be on top of the game or else you’ll just get roasted. But then again I kinda love that, it drives me to work harder and try to just focus on my surfing and I feel like it helps me improve so much.”

Noah 3


It’s a cold, rainy day, can you describe the urge that makes you get off the couch, out of your ugg boots to put on a cold wet suit and get out into the water?

I’ve always loved those cold rainy days, I almost like surfing more when its like that. We would get a lot of days like that back home on the east coast, those are the days that no ones around and you prove why you're not just like any other surfer. 

What’s the furthest you’ve pushed yourself to chase that feeling?

I kinda just get addicted to that feeling, theres nothing better than testing your limits. Every time you do that you learn something new about yourself and learning new things is what makes me love surfing more than anything.

Surf is a very individualistic pursuit but with a lot of camaraderie. How would you describe the difference between being out there on your own vs. being out there with your mates? Do you have a preference?

Surfing alone is always more of a way to really work on myself and figure out what I'm doing wrong and what I need to be doing. But when I'm out there with all my friends we just push each other and we're all pretty competitive and even know we don’t say it we're all really trying to out do the other guy and kinda root each other on at the same time. I definitely prefer to surf with my friends, those are always the most memorable sessions. 

Can you remember a time (not necessarily surf) when you’ve really pushed yourself, totally failed but you’ll never regret or forget?

When I was real young probably like 12 or 14, I was always either surfing or skating everyday. My mom would either bring me to the skate park and film me or to the inlet and film me. And I really actually wanted to skate and be different from all my other friends. So I made this sponsor me tape and I sent it in to Termite Skateboards haha. Everyday I came home from school I would ask my mom if they replied or anything, months passed I never heard back from then and I just felt like I completely failed as a skater. So I pretty much haven’t skated since then and decided I'll be a surfer instead haha. But I guess that's worked out for the best.


Follow him on Instagram: @noahschweizer

Watch his latest clip Vol.2: East Coast below