Young San Clemente surfer Kevin Schulz just wants to share the stoke! A technical surfer, who loves to frustrate his filmers by trying his moves over and over again until he perfects them, then doing it all over again, going bigger and better each time. Gets the viewers psyched!

His most recent clip - Home // Away – saw Kev road tripping across the U.S. from San Clemente to Nova Scotia. He had so much fun it took him two months to fly home. “I spent about 2 months on the east coast and the waves were just non-stop. I kept trying to come home but another swell would pop up so I would stay for it. I finally did get home and ended up flying back to Eastern Canada two days later for another swell and scored with some really good friends. It was a good trip for frequent flyer miles for sure!”.

Not one to sit still for long, 2017 also saw him surfing Hawaii, East Canada, Bermuda, Barbados and Mexico. After all that travelling and surfing and filming is done and it’s time to put together a clip. Kev knows it’s good to have a group of people around you who you can trust. “I usually show it to my friends because they are my biggest critics. They are the ones who will be brutally honest and tell me if it was good or not. I realize that not everyone is going to be as stoked as the next person (read any discussion forum online) so if I get hate for it than its all good!”  


It’s a cold, rainy day, can you describe the urge that makes you get off the couch, out of your ugg boots to put on a cold wet suit and get out into the water?

I honestly love surfing and it has become such a part of my daily routine that I never feel bummed about getting into the water. Even if the weather or waves are complete shit, I have never come in from the ocean wishing that I hadn’t surfed!

What’s the furthest you’ve pushed yourself to chase that feeling?

There was an instance where I drove the entire province of Nova Scotia in one day during a snowstorm trying to find waves. The wind and weather is constantly changing in that area. A few friends and myself woke up at 2am, drove to the bottom of the province, surfed in the snow, got out, checked the report for up North and pushed straight through the afternoon and ended up surfing again before dark. It was a proper mission but we scored, so it made it worth it.

Surf is a very individualistic pursuit but with a lot of camaraderie. How would you describe the difference between being out there on your own vs. being out there with your mates? Do you have a preference?

Surfing solo is a really great time to get away from the outside world and not be competitive with anyone. I feel like it’s a good time to just cruise and take a few deep breaths, get a few waves and do what ever you need to do. When I surf with my friends it is definitely more competitive, we always are trying to one up eachother. If I had to pick I would always surf with my friends. There’s something about getting good waves with your best mates that leaves more of an impression.

Can you remember a time (not necessarily surf) when you’ve really pushed yourself, totally failed but you’ll never regret or forget?

I failed miserably over and over my first few years competing in surfing. For the longest time I could not even make a heat and I got so down on myself that I considered hanging up the towel. My stubbornness kept me coming back and once I started making heats I found myself in a few finals. I think that has also always been a reference point for me when I fail in anything. Just gotta keep coming back for more and work hard for it, things start to turn around with a little effort!

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Watch his latest clip Home // Away below