“My name’s Kasha, I’m a graphic designer here at Rusty and I somehow manage to get roped into things that are not-related to my job role, such as jumping off cliffs and being a model and here we are.”


Growing up in Albany, 5 hours south of Perth, Kasha caught our attention from the start. Fresh out of uni, talented and keen for new experiences. Have a read below and it’s easy to see why she’s Our Kind. (Also, she loves dogs).

So you work at Rustys global HQ here in little old Perth. The story of how you got your foot in the door is quite cool and pretty unconventional this day in age. You took a big risk just showing up one day and leaving a full portfolio of work. That would take a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that (it paid off obviously). Can you talk us through why you decided to do it that way?

I think as a creative, your work alone isn’t the only thing that represents your own personal creative style but how you present a piece of work to somebody is also a representation of who you are as a creative. In saying that, I’ve always preferred doing things a little different to the norm and I suppose that’s a reflection of who I am as a creative and my sort of style. Within any creative work, I think it’s important to be able to create a personal connection with the person that is viewing it. I guess my way of creating a personal connection with you guys and my portfolio was to come in and meet you in person, give you a piece of work that you can hold in your hands, feel and keep and hopefully create a bit more a connection with than just sending a simple email!


What has it been like getting so involved in the latest campaign?

It was pretty crazy to be honest! One moment I was planning the campaign and the next I was being filmed jumping off a cliff! It was both a stressful but seriously fun experience and an opportunity that I probably wouldn’t get anywhere else, so I’m actually pretty stoked I wa given the opportunity to do it.

You’re still quite young and fresh into you’re career, what are some goals you have that you would like to achieve before you’re 30?

Well, I’d like to think I’ll hopefully still be kicking goals then! To be honest, I kind of have no idea! I’m at an age where anything could happen really and I’m really open to it. There is so much going on in my life so I’m sort of just going with the flow and I’m keen to see where the future takes me. My main goal right now is to just get as much experience as I can – in all areas of my life; work, travel, relationships – I think its super important at my age. As long as I’m growing as a person, I’m reaching my goals. And by 30 I’ll hopefully have experienced a shitload of cool shit and be living it up on some dog farm with all my golden retrievers!

Follow her on instagram: @kasha_sochacki